Friday 20 May 2011

Surfacing for Air

Hmm, while I take a break from writing my current work in progress, I thought it wise to raise my head and take in some air.  You know, check out the scenery, see what's up with the world...that sort of thing.  Besides, I've hit a snag in my writing like a ship hits a sand-bank and grounds off.  I'm right smack in the middle of the story, and it could go either way, and not the way I've plotted it out to be.  Sigh...

Anyways, enough of that.  A short break will clear the head and maybe make the storyline more defined.  So, what's up with me otherwise?  Let's see, other than bitching (constantly) about the horrendous heat all of us at 13ºN are afflicted with, I've been keeping a relatively low profile.  The heat does that to you.  But, other than writing and poking about online to keep up with things, I've been twiddling my fingers waiting patiently for:
The revised and final PDF for The Master Key (because I've completed my errata form)
The cover art for it
10 more books of The Lancaster Rule I've ordered for my very first convention (AnimeKon in July)
Riot gear for said convention to keep weirdos at bay (kidding, just kidding)
And at least five amazing books to add to my To Be Read list.  (I'm running out fast)

A relatively short list.

Oh...and a new washing machine.  I think ours has decided its had enough of our dirty laundry...

Well, there you have it.  And before I forget, this Sunday, I've signed up for Six Sentence Sunday, so stop by again then and check it out.  Yep, you guessed it, I'll be pushing The Master Key.


  1. Good to see you up for air! Sounds like a busy time.

    Here's a funny-- when I first read about the washing machine, I could have sworn I read, 'Wishing Machine' LOL. My mind fast tracked to you making wishes on a broken machine. Oh boy.
    Long hot days and nights!

    Good luck with all your plans.

  2. Haha! I WISH I had a wishing machine...that would solve all my problems! Thanks for stopping by. Hey, we need to get our heads together soon, don't we?