Wednesday 28 September 2011

Mid-Week Resolutions

Wednesdays, like most other days in the week, arrive with such exacting precision.  Sort of like those annoying bills you have to pay.

For me, mid-week usually finds me in dilemmas.  You know, wondering what to do with the 'rest of the week' since the gusto you started the week out with, hasn't really panned out.  Plus, Friday is just around the corner so there are many distractions.

This week, I started out with a moderate level of gusto.  I'd just completed my WIP (Bengaria's War) and sent it off to be beta read (again), and with all good intentions, tried to play catch up with my day job and online stuff that I've sorta neglected.  By the end of the day, I was done, and by Tuesday, I had dragged out my shelved WIP (The Grosjean Chronicles) and started re-reading it.  I felt inspired to continue writing, which I have been doing in short spurts since.

But now it's Wednesday and the motivation to continue writing seems to have left me.  It could be the heat...I know, I keep saying that -- or it could be all the new Fall TV shows that have popped up, leaving me to shelve my usual nighttime plotting sessions as I ogle them.  In any case, I still try to put in at least a couple hours writing time in the, at this rate, by late January (unless I get struck by a bolt of inspiration) I reckon I'll be finished with The Grosjean Chronicles.

For now, it's still Wednesday, and the day is progressing extremely slow.  Maybe I should take a page out of my cat's book and start the week like any other week.  Find a spot, stretch out, and have a power-snooze.



  1. Hey, congrats on finished Bengaria's War! Sounds like a good week to me.

  2. Thanks Linda. It was, then it fizzled...head rush gone. :-)