Friday 9 September 2011

Tropical Storms and Brain Waves

So, I've been watching the weather lately, as one does when you live in the tropics, and taking note of the numerous tropical storms popping up like measles.  With the convenience of WIFI, and devices like the iPods and Pads, even the trusty Blackberry, I can feed my addiction of checking out the weather.  We'll not get into the other addiction I have, which is 'screen-addiction.'  That's a whole other story!

This year, like the last, we've quickly run through the alphabet with naming the storms and hurricanes.  We're all the way to the Ms with Maria breathing down our neck this very minute.  This time last year, we were closer to the Ps, and ran into Tomas at the end of October.  Ouch!

Anyways, so yeh, that's us in the middle where that angry little knot of red is glowering at us.  We got a precursor of it late last night, with cracking thunder and rain.  The only reason I knew this, was because I thought the AC unit was about to fall on my head.  So, after being rudely awakened by Maria's bellow, my brains weren't quite ready to go back into a coma.  What does it do?  Come up with a strange and quirky story which I ended up dreaming about.

I'm still not quite sure how I want to write this new may very well end up as a short story, which is kinda new to me, since I'm not very good at short stories at all.  As for the genre, it's not going to be SF!!  What, you say?  Yeh, really...I'm thinking more along the lines of paranormal fantasy, maybe?  I took some notes earlier this morning, and had a read through.  You could say it's a sort of fairy tale gone wrong, in a good way, of course.  Then again, as I start writing it, it may just end up better as a storm-induced dream.  I'll know in a few days when I give it a tackle.  Funny, last year, when Tomas blew through and we were out of power for five days, I had a similar brain wave passing through my head.  I must drag out those notes and see what I can do with it.  I'm beginning to think that storms agree with my creative process.

Until then, my weather-addiction is fed hourly, and as I glance out the window, its a blustery and dark view with wind (thankfully) and spurts of fine rain.  I think it's time to stir up a nice cocktail and watch the rains commence...oh, wait, it's only 9am... I suppose I could wait a few more hours...


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