Friday 14 October 2011

SFF Saturday - Oct 15

Time for another SFF Saturday.

From the recently released sequel in the Lancaster trilogy called The Master Key, published by Champagne Books.

Last week, we saw Josie flee the scene in a hypersonic rush.  Today, she and her party are still making tracks to get to safety.

I had no chance to speak with Margeaux other than to give her short instructions, nor did I get a chance to look at her in any close detail. As we boarded the shuttle, already primed and ready for take-off, I was sent directly into a safety ejection pod—strapped in, secured, and sealed off from the rest of the passengers.
This pod, upon sudden altitude change, impact or manual override, was designed to immediately eject outwards, engage its own independent engine and transport me directly back to the Citadel. It was fully equipped with its own air supply, communications consoles and navigation equipment. Not that I was required to use these unless emergency manual operations were required. Ironically, to date, I’d never been given any flying lessons.

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  1. More great stuff. Why is it that I feel someone's about to hit the 'eject' button on that pod...? And, maybe, it's not going back to the Citadel?

  2. Great snippet! I, too, thought something was going to happen with the eject button. :-)


  3. Love you snippet, TK. Very exciting.

  4. Always good stuff...and definitely need to watch out for being stuck in those pods! :-)

  5. Hmmm, I think a mental note for flying lessons at the next opportunity would be my want. Why do I have a feeling being in that emergency pod is ominous?

  6. Thanks for commenting guys. Well, eventually Josie does get flying lessons. We'll get to see that in Books 3 (The Eternal Knot out January 2012)...but as to if she does a good job at it, it's up for debate.