Friday 7 October 2011

SFF Saturday - Oct 8

Hello everyone!  I missed out last weekend but I'm back again.

For today's posting, here's another short snippet from my recently released sequel in the Lancaster trilogy called The Master Key, published by Champagne Books.

Following is a short snippet where my girl Josie and the trusty Simon need to flee the scene from a particularly nasty dude.  Enjoy!

After our communications were knocked out, Simon drove like a bat out of hell and beat his own estimate by arriving at the landing strip in four minutes flat! I barely managed a few clipped words through tightly clenched teeth during the ordeal, my face felt stretched from the G-force. He’d pushed the vehicle until the speeds clipped just under the hypersonic mark. Any faster, and we’d have zoomed straight off the country and into the next continent. As it was, Simon had to go half-airborne so he wouldn’t crash into trees or wreck the asphalt from the heat coming off the engine.

If you're interested in participating in next week's SFF Saturday, stop by their sign-up blog which is open every Wednesdays.  And don't forget to follow the rules.



  1. These snips are such a tease. I'm just glad your books are already out and available.

  2. That sounds like one manic ride!

  3. Nicely done...and tell these young whippersnappers to slow it down. :-P

  4. From the description I would LOVE to see what it is they're driving.

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Always enjoy reading your comments. To be honest Pippa Jay, I didn't go into detail too much with the vehicle, so I suppose it's left up to the reader to make up something cool.