Tuesday 10 April 2012

Marathon Des Sables

Taking a little detour to make a special mention to my young cousin-in-law, Ian Robinson.  At just 23, he and his friend Kate have undertaken a huge, and grueling feat.  Running across the Sahara Desert for the 27th Annual Marathon Des Sables in support for their cause.  Ian and Kate are part of Because We Can, a group dedicated to bring awareness to this disease as well as for cancer research.

Today is Day 3 of the race, and judging from the last two emails, Ian (runner #991) is faring well despite a couple of blisters.  From his account of the race and desert, it is just as you would imagine.  Scorching hot, dry, and taxing on your body.  He's had many stops to take in water, electrolytes, and sodium tablets to replenish his body.  Many people have already dropped out from heat exhaustion to injuries, but he is determined to plough on and get through at a pace he is comfortable with.

Here's to Ian and Kate for taking on such a daunting task.  May they fare well and see it through to the end.

Good luck!!  We're all thinking of you here.


  1. I used to do marathons, ultras and triathons and I will be the first to say that MDS is hardcore in the extreme and beyond anything I could do. Great job by your cousin!

    1. Even from looking at the snapshots from their website, it looks incredibly extreme. I really wish him well. Thanks so much fro stopping by!!