Thursday 31 December 2015

That Time Of Year Again...

Wow. The end of the year is upon us once again. Each time, I make mention that time has flown by far too quickly, like just now. Might as well be consistent, right? 

I've been extremely tardy with the whole blogging thing of late. Life just gets in the way of a bunch of things, and each time I think about something to blog about, something else interrupts. To say that 2015 has been a year of distractions and high-speed flying wrenches, is an understatement. Aside from an increase in my workload (good thing), family commitments (somewhat good) and personal issues (not so good), the year was also a great big umpfff... It had a strange way of sucking the cheer out of you. If you're one to follow the Chinese horoscope, 2015, the Goat Year, just head-butted, ass-kicked, and bahhh'd the crap out of this bewildered Rooster girl. Man, I cannot wait to see the back end of this year. But then, Monkey Year comes along and I hope it doesn't completely kerfuffle me. It tends to do that...dang these celestial animals.

Well, my 2016 plate hasn't changed much since 2015, or 2014. That's how uninspiring the year has been. I still have rollover writing projects and commitments to complete, and I'm still trying to finish that beast of a story, Bengaria's War. At least it has gone through one round of professional edits. Still far from complete, and far from over. But, let's hope I feel an inspiring burst of energy and some kind of uplifting wind fills my sails. The further I get from 2015, the better.

But enough about my crappy year! Here's hoping everyone out there has a healthy, calm, productive and inspiring 2016.


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