Tuesday 24 January 2017

I Missed A Whole Year!

Wow. I did. Where the hell did 2016 go? Seriously.

I spent most of last year in a sort of weird fug. Aimless, adrift, muttering WTF many times to myself (and not in the abbreviated way). My writing, for the first half sort of fizzled and disintegrated and I sat in a daze wondering what to do next. All my contracts with the publishers had come to an end. My books were back at me and just sitting there staring at me.

It had been an goal of mine to re-edit the Lancaster Trilogy for some time, so I started tackling them in order. It consumed most of 2016. When I wasn't doing that, I went back, headfirst and with blinders on, back to my painting. I painted and painted and it kind of revived me. Focused me on what to do next.

Self-publishing, the ultimate goal.

The latter half of 2016 was me just diving in and ploughing on. Mapping out a plan, a course of action, checking off my to-do list and (amazingly) getting through. It gave me hope that 2017 was going to be the year I take flight and publish on my ownsome.

And now here we are. 2017. January is almost done and I've checked off more stuff on that list. One of them, to re-release the Jax Marlin - To Catch A Marlin novel with a shiny rebrand and teeny title change. As of this morning, I'd checked of yet another item on the list: Upload Marlin to Kindle. Check!

So there you have, folks. In a few days, my book will go live again! Stay tuned. 2017 will be a rollercoaster ride!