Monday, 28 March 2011

A Little Mention...

Hey folks, just a short note here.

Over the weekend I received a very pleasant surprise when a fellow SFR writer, Kaye Manro, posted a very interesting and insightful article about said SFR writing.  You know, like the basic foundations you'd need to know (or should keep in mind) in order to write a convincing and engaging SF and R book.  I read through the points nodding my head, thinking that these were invaluable things to remember, and hoped that I could retain it in order to incorporate into my books.  Then I read to the end and saw MY book, The Lancaster Rule, listed, along with a set of others, as an example of what she was talking about.  You can imagine my surprise.  I'd not expected to see that.  Of course, if I'd checked my email first, rather than see Kaye's posting on Twitter, I wouldn't have been so surprised.  She did give me a heads up.

So, check it out at her blog here.  And thank you Kaye for using me this way.  Honestly, never felt so great to be used...haha!  My thanks.


  1. Thank you for linking my blog post to yours! And you are an author to watch in the SFR genre in my opinion. Even if I am using you now, lol!

  2. Haha! No problem...I like being used like this!