Thursday 29 April 2010

End of April...Hopefully Inpsired

Time flies when you're having fun, and drags when you're doing nothing.  True enough...but it could also be said for when you have too many things to do.  Classic example is this month.  Although, I can't quite say that it was all fun.

With the release of my very first book, scratching my head trying to figure out how best to promote it without irritating people, dealing with the extreme heat of tropical weather (not fun!) and sitting down creating said promotional material to promote the book...well, that just takes up so much time.  Did I mention about the extreme heat?  Oh, brains are semi-fried.

Ads on Facebook to blast e-mails locally...mutterings on Twitter to rude jabs to people I see.  I really do hope that all this pays off and people notice that I've a book out there that is worth reading.

And just think, even though I've advertised and promoted, I still need to keep it on-going to keep the interest alive.  Life's such a bitch, isn't it?

So, the inspiration to actually sit down and write comes and goes in waves (like the heat).  I have managed to focus, somewhat, this past week.  At least I've moved on from being stuck at Chapter 19 and nearly done with Chapter 20.  This last book is proving to be very challenging.

I am hoping that this weekend I'll find some time to write.  The husband, the immediate in-laws and I are all venturing to the east coast of the island for a nice weekend at a resort.  Hopefully, the nice cooling Atlantic Ocean breezes will waft some much needed inspiration into my heat-infested head.  Hopefully I'll find a little me time to compose that perfect chapter that flows beautifully into the next.  Hopefully the salt air won't corrode the innards of my laptop...or the shrill peels of under-4 children doesn't shatter my thoughts...hopefully.  And hopefully I won't have over-indulged from the choice restaurants at my disposal, over-cooked from trolling the beach or dodging between poolside umbrellas.

And hopefully - this is a biggie - I'll manage to actually finish book three!

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