Sunday 18 April 2010

Not Even A One-Line Email...

Oh, the suspense is killing me!

It's been nearly three weeks since my book went out for the world to see...and talk about utter silence! I know people have bought it, I know they've waited patiently with me for it to be released, I know they talked about it excitedly, as I did... But you'd think they'd at least make a comment about what they thought about the book, right? Not.

Sigh... Not even a one-line email.

I feel as if I've made my first big debut and everyone was busy looking the other way and missed the whole show.

Since the release, I've diligently tried my best to market myself both locally and internationally. I hope it worked. From ads on Facebook (hey, I got a few more fans, yay!!) to blitz emails, discreet hints on Twitter to bullying friends of friends of friends - all geared to spread the joys of reading this amazing new ebook about the future. I'm starting to feel like those religious groups that come knocking at your door, knowing the occupants of the house are hiding out of sight, trying to remain as quiet as possible.

And, just when did people become so busy these days? I'm beginning to think that I'm the only idiot reading books at night. Is there something else out there that's better than reading a book? Wait, don't answer that. Of course there is. But you know what I mean. There used to be a time when people relished the evenings after a long day, to tuck in with a good book and read. Now, there are so many distractions and "things to do" that by the time you hit the bed, all you want to do is crash and muster up a good snore. My brother is a classic example...however, he works late into the night and listens to the rest of the house while they snore. He did, for a brief spell, read a few chapters before work and life interrupted.

I suppose, I will just have to do a little more waiting. After all, not everyone can read at the speed of light (I'm no exception) and not everyone likes to give a critique in fear of hurting someone's feelings.'s okay folks, I can take some lumps. Okay, maybe not.

But a little feedback would be nice...


  1. Most people are self-absorbed! We all are. Plus people in general are envious and jealous. So, you have to rely on yourself for pats on the back. Just keep on writing, sell some books and make some money.

    Suggestion: Link your FB to this blog! I had to Google the title to find it.

  2. Thanks Ann. Seems you and I are about the only people interacting and commenting on things. Sigh...I will persevere! Gonna try the FB thing now.