Thursday 8 April 2010

Rainy Day in The Tropics

Well, I set out with the good intention to write today. Part Three - The Eternal Knot - is far from finished as I slog through it - picking out the bad parts, adding in some good ones, and changing the lay of the land to make it fit better. It's amazing, too, that after going through an editing process, you begin to see things clearer and differently. The mind can indeed learn new things when it's been shown an alternative way to see. It's like I got Windex for the brain!

It's doing a piss-up with rain today - a welcome bit of coolness as the land was so parched and dry for months! A perfect day to tuck in with your laptop and get creative with words; trying to link up half-completed sentences from half-completed thoughts. To get from point A to B, and maybe nip back to A, just to keep the reader on their toes. Try to get, at last, from Chapter 11 to 12 without jumping too great a leap cause your mind keeps wanting to get to the finish line. I'm learning that the process of writing can be a tricky process. It's all about mind control: your mind needs to be controlled, just so your typing hands can keep up.

So you tuck in and you get into the creative mood and think: write!

Then you realize what month you're in and groan: Tax Time!

Then you remember you have an actual day-job that you've neglected for months on end to push and promote your book. Sigh... And you remember how slow your day-job has been and wonder how it'll look on paper in the form of accounts and balance sheets and profit and losses. Sigh... I won't go there, but let's just say, that I really don't see the point in even filing a return this year. Enough said.

So, the coffee has gone cold, the urge to write has only manifested into this blog as that niggling thought keeps pestering me in the back on my mind: taxes, taxes, taxes... The will to concentrate has left me, that even doing this blog, I'm distracted enough to look at the pile of paperwork next to me. I hate dealing with numbers that have to balance at the end of it all.

I shall have to slog through my accounts today and put writing on the back-burner. Tomorrow, I'll get back to being creative, tomorrow I'll think up new ways to promote my book that's out there, tomorrow...

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