Friday 13 January 2012

SFF Saturday - Jan 14

Happy New Year everyone!
Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday is back!

Here's another snippet from the recently released The Eternal Knot, the final in the Lancaster Rule trilogy, published by the Champagne Books Group.

Today, Josie has just been injured, quite seriously, and is "having a conversation" with her worried husband, John.  Though, from his response, it's pretty hard to tell that he's concerned.

   "Lots." She squeezed an eye shut for effect.
   "Hmm...good," he smiled. "You deserve it."
   "I know," Josie smiled back. "Are you going to kill me later, too?"
   He nodded with a grave expression. "Of course. I have to. You have to learn your lesson."
   "I know, I deserve it," she grinned. "And after you kill me, I'll never be allowed out of the house--ever."
   "You'd better believe it." He kissed her gently on her forehead. "But I know that will never happen. Your life is just too full of surprises."
   "I really need med-cal."
   "I know."

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  1. Good snippet...I'm a fan of dialogue carrying a scene.

  2. A very disinterested husband, if you ask me :-/ What's his case?

  3. She'd be one smelly wife for the disinterested hubby if he killed her and never let her out of the house lol! Nice snippet xD

  4. Gosh! Is John going to call 911 or put a pillow over Josie's face? : (

  5. I pictured this more as a facetious conversation between husband and wife. He's concerned but using humor to keep her distracted from the seriousness of the injury.

    But, maybe that's just me.

  6. In the middle of reading The Lancaster Rule, and seeing their interaction, I took it the same way as Patrick...

  7. Ten points for Patrick and Aston...yeh, theirs is an unusual relationship.

  8. The tenderness shows through the back and forth between them. (Though I was skeptical at the beginning!) Good job with showing through dialog.

  9. I love the use of irony in their exchange. It comes across beautifully.

  10. The fact that she's smiling makes me think she knows he cares.

  11. I also found this humorous, keeping things light in a dark situation. Good snippet.

  12. Cute interaction. They must be very secure in their relationship to joke during serious times.

  13. I'm not sure whether this is sweet or slightly sinister, especially with that last line. Has he called med-cal?!

  14. Thanks everyone for stopping. I see this snippet got a lot of interesting and intriguing questions...I'd explain, but it'll spoil the story for those who haven't read it. *laughs wickedly*