Thursday 5 January 2012

Versatile Blogger Awards Nominee

Oh wow, I just got nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award.  Of course, being a little dense, I had no idea what this is...I had to Google it.  (I still kinda don't know what it's about, but what the heck, right?)

So, I am following the rules, as per Poet: Whispers blog (who nominated me) indicates.  And the rules are...

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award button on your blog post.

I'm going to go backwards on this since rules are meant to be broken. :)

The Versatile Blogger Awards button:
Thanks Bajanpoet from Poet:Whispers!!

Sharing 7 random things about me:
1. I'm short.  Vertically challenged.  Preconditioned genetically.  A Hobbit in a land full of Gandalfs.  Hey, I'm Japanese...give me a break.
2. I hate cooking, but I hate starving more.
3. Bugs and creepy-crawlies have never really bothered me in the past.  But as I grow older, I prefer they understand my personal space requirements.
4. I was born, raised, and still living in Barbados.  A Bajan, as we're called. 100%, like salt fish cakes, flying fish, cou cou, and pudding and souse.  I just don't look the part...again, another preconditioned genetic trait.
5. In the cyber world, I've been mistaken for a dude (a few times).  I suppose having an androgynous name like T.K. Toppin might mislead some people.  But in case you're wondering, I am most definitely a dudette.
6. Even though I live on a tropical island, I hate the sun (and sunlight). Think cave-creature...Gollum...anemone.  Why sweat when you can stay cool, right?
7. The last post brings me to the last.  My car has cobwebs.  Really, it does.  And an accumulation of dust from its last yearly wash.  I hardly drive around anymore.  In the last year, if I've done 5K, that's a lot.  Since working for myself, since becoming a self-imposed recluse, since I started writing, I have no reason, other than bothersome errands, to leave the house.  That's what hubby is for.  He does the groceries why should I?

I'm informing other Bloggers of their!

Nominating 15 Bloggers...
1. Poet: Whispers (can I do that? Nominate a nominee again?)
2. MiscRamblings
3. Kaye Manro Romance Author
4. Cheese-on-Bread!
5. Smart Girls love SciFi
6. Diana Ilinca: Musings of a Fantasy Author
7. Cary Caffrey
8. Heidi Ruby Miller
9. Misa Buckley
10. Pippa Jay
11. Reading, Reading and Life
12. The Galaxy Express
13. Tribute Books Reviews
14. Travel The Ages
15. Linda Kage

Wow, that was really difficult to conjure up 15 bloggers. Pheww...

Well, I guess all that's left to do now, is to post this!



  1. LOLOLOLOLOL Oh man I loved those random things.... "A Hobbit in a land of Gandalfs" ROFL

    "A Bajan. 100%. I like salt fish cakes, flying fish, cou cou, and pudding and souse. I just don't look the part..."

    Bajans RULE. And NOW, Ms TK, u got me hungry AGAIN!

    Cobwebs - really? Wow! LOL

    Wait u nominate me again! Noooooooo! I gotta find ANOTHER 15 bloggers.... Cheezonbread!

  2. Hahaha! Glad I could make people laugh! Thanks!!