Wednesday 11 January 2012

Shorty Awards Nomination

How cool is this?  Shorty Awards...honestly, I had to Google that to find out.

I've been seeing it knocking around the social networks lately, and it wasn't until I saw it in my Twitter feed, did I have the motivation to have a look and find out more.  What it is, is awards for social network kickass-ness.  To put it bluntly and plainly.   If you got the 'thang' then people will vote for you.

Well, everyone wishes they had the 'thang', right?  Me included.  So, I signed up.  Why the hell not.

So, if you think I 'got the stuff' on Twitterverse, and you think I'm worthy enough to vote for...please feel free to vote!  Click HERE!

Thanks a bunch!