Friday 20 January 2012

SFF Saturday - Jan 21

It's that time of Saturday again: Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

Due to popular demand, I give you another snippet from the recently released The Eternal Knot, the final in the Lancaster Rule trilogy, published by the Champagne Books Group.

In this scene, Josie and her party are ambushed, to say the least.  She witnesses, from her POV, her mother-in-law in action.  Griet is, well, kind of scary...

    They materialized as if by magic. I couldn't say how many there were, only that they were dressed in black and moved like ominous shadows. Their phantom sight alone seared a shiver down my spine.
    Then everyone moved at once.
    The blur that was Griet Lancaster made it hard to focus on the pressing danger. But the destruction that was Griet Lancaster, left bodies dropping to stain the white floor like black-clad rips in the earth.
    I let out a startled yelp of horror. Then hands tugged me in every direction, dragging me into the hellish black. I slashed out with my krima to wrench free. Someone yelled out, sucking in their breath as my krima hit home.
    So, they were human after all.

For the complete listing of the Lancaster Trilogy, check out my author page at Burst Books, or over at Amazon Kindle.

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  1. Humans with superhuman abilities - cool :-) Griet must be an ... interesting ... person. Not sure I'd want her as a MIL; seems there's some disagreement there.

  2. Exciting stuff. I may have to put Game of Thrones on 'pause' to get back to this series (I only have 24,000 pages left!).

  3. Great snippet as always! Love a kick-ass lady like Griet Lancaster appears to be...

  4. Oh, she's pretty kick-ass! As regards to her relationship with Josie, it's not that bad...but I wouldn't get on Griet's bad side, if you know what I mean. Thanks guys!

  5. Judging from this snippet alone, calling Griet kind of scary is a gross understatement. Great snippet!

  6. I like. Great description. I especially like the last line.

  7. Intense. And that is one intimidating mother-in -law!

  8. Wow, do I already love Griet!

    Nice choice, T.K. :)

  9. Griet sounds like a great mother-in-law!