Monday 21 October 2013

Great Way to Start a Monday...

So, I wake up, I crank open Tweetdeck to see what's happening in the Twitterverse, and wah-hoo, I see a sweet little post in my interactions column from J.M. Blackman.

Click to see the review:

First of all, thank you J.M. Such kind words, and as an author yourself, I'm sure you know how nice that feels. Yep, J.M writes some incredible Sci-Fi/Speculative Fiction.

J.M. recently finished reading both The Lancaster Rule and To Catch A Marlin. I wrote TLR in 2008, and TCaM in 2011, and I'm sure she noticed how much my writing has changed (she did), and how little it stayed the same (I didn't know) in regards to how I treated the characters and the world-building. It's nice to be able to find out about these from completely unobjective eyes.

It's also great to start the week off grinning like a fool.

Again, thanks, J.M.


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  1. I enjoyed the various TCaM titles a lot more than I did TLR...but I thought that was just me.