Friday 18 October 2013

SFFSat - Oct 19

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday (SFFSat) is a place where a bunch of us post snippets from our written works and also shoot the breeze a little. And before I get ahead of myself, thanks and appreciation as always to those who stop by and leave fantastic comments.

This week, more in the continuing adventures of, well, other than Mason and Elmo (the ship's computer), I've no idea what to call my protag other than Captain.

For a short little preamble for those who don't know: Two characters on an old ship that looked like it originated from the 1960s. They discover a creature that looks suspiciously like a dinosaur, but more like a dragon...they scramble. They've just made it back to their drop ship for (hopefully) and escape...

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Last week, the ever-helpful Elmo informed our heroine they were too close to the landing zone to deploy weapons to shake the creature off and their thrusters would be damaged in the process... We ended with my protag saying: "If we don't shake that thing off, it won't matter either way."

And now this week's snippet....we have Elmo responding to that comment.

“Suggestion, Captain.”
I would’ve rolled my eyes. “What!”
“Realigning the thrusters towards the creature might dislodge it.”
I rolled my eyes. “Do it then!”
I heard a low grate as thrusters turned, then the engines whined even louder, immediately followed by a sudden earthquake-like tremble rocked the ship; the creature attached to us scrabbled loudly against the hull and let out another of its bone-chilled roars. In one quick jerk, the drop ship bounded like a sideways slingshot.
Mason screamed.
I screamed.

Stay tuned for more next week! 

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  1. We all screamed....for ice cream?! Sorry. I wondered if the dino/dragon came loose, if they'd rocket away without the extra weight. Fun stuff, keep it coming!!

  2. I would scream too...just because everyone else is. That's one smart Elmo AI.

  3. I was just thinking of the ice cream response, too. But, S A beat me to it. Good suggestion with the thrusters! Way to use your resources to your advantage.

  4. Something tells me the dinosaur dragon screamed, too - it wouldn't have wanted to be left out...