Friday 4 October 2013

SFFSat - Oct 05

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday (SFFSat) is a place where a bunch of us post snippets from our written works and also shoot the breeze a little. And before I get ahead of myself, thanks and appreciation as always to those who stop by and leave fantastic comments.

Today, we've been asked to use a cue word, that being 'suns', I tweaked this rambling, mad-capped tale to suit.

For a short little preamble for those who don't know: Two characters on an old ship that looked like it originated from the 1960s. They discover a creature that looks suspiciously like a dinosaur, but more like a dragon...they scramble. They've just made it back to their drop ship for (hopefully) and escape...

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And now for this week...

“Elmo, for all the suns and moons, get this clunker up in the air!”
“We appear to have taken on extra weight, Captain.” Elmo, ever-helpful.
Mason let out a guttural bellow. “We’re going to die!”
Scared as I was—literally, it was close to bowel-loosening scared—I sucked in my most bracing breath and pushed up to my hands and knees. “Not today!”
From beyond the hull, I heard something like the screams of fingernails on a chalkboardlots of them. The creature was trying to rip the drop ship apart. Mixed with the frenzied whine and vibrations of the ship straining its engines to take off, it sounded downright nightmarish.

Stay tuned for more next week! 

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  1. Eeeek! The taste of fear in the air, and the scrabbling of horror on the outside of the hull - this is great! I like the use of words like "frenzied" and the "fingernails on a chalkboard" - it makes it come alive. Thanks - I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

    1. Haha! Thanks! Yep, fingernails to chalkboard is a particularly nasty sound....

  2. T.K. - great descriptors, as always. I particularly liked the fingernails screaming across the chalkboard - for some reason I visualized it in a cartoonish way and it was pretty cool. Can't wait to see where you go with Mason and Elmo next.

    1. Thank you! Stay tuned, same place and time next week!

  3. Oh no. Not "bowl loosening scared." Anything but that!

    And then I read on to the part about fingernails on chalkboard. I'm going to go hide under a table now.

  4. My god, woman! Your descriptions were so vivid in my mind that I'm going to have nightmares tonight. I'm blaming my sleep deprivation on you now. ;)

  5. Hehehe! bad then. ;)

  6. Poor Elmo. Obviously he is hooked up to any outside visual sensors.Or is the ship a she?