Monday 14 October 2013


Yet another Jax Marlin novella is soon to be released through Ring of Fire Publishing. THE DEVIL INSIDE, #5 in the short story series.

All Must Die!
When her inner demon screamed, Jax Marlin set it loose upon the world's criminals. When the demon wanted blood, she gave it like an offering.

Special Inspector Pedroni chases his foe--always a step behind. This time, with heavy heart, unable to believe his Jax has become a common murderer.

After the events with the Necromancer Killer, after having to set her prey free, Jax struggles to come to terms with her decision. Her inner monster, one she's kept at bay for years, surfaces in outrage and goes on a rampage. Can she stop in time before her sanity is lost? And can Pedroni come to terms with what she's become?

Stay tuned for the release date!


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